Top Foot Spa Benefits They Didn’t Tell You About

Top Foot Spa Benefits They Didnt Tell You About
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We all know the general fact that a foot spa is good for you. Generally, it relieves your feet from the tension of day-to-day pressure, turning your mind and body into a fresh and revitalized you. The wonderful thing about a foot spa is it brings out a myriad of benefits to your health, mind, and lifestyle.

This is the reason why foot spas have been used by many cultures for centuries to promote a person’s overall well-being. They have been practiced as an alternative medicine to relieve pain and anxiety and used as a complementary method to medicinal practices.

While there is little evidence supporting some claims on benefits, we will take a look at some of the top foot spa benefits that you can feel immediately or after several weeks of two to three sessions per week.

Why it’s good for you

  • Improves blood circulation – This is probably the most known foot spa benefit reported online. When your feet are under stress, the circulation of your blood tends to be impeded. A foot spa releases the tension formed around the tight muscles and tendons. This allows blood to flow and circulate smoothly to your other bodily organs and brain. In addition to transporting oxygen and nutrition to your body cells, the blood also cleanses toxins from your body.
  • Makes you relaxed – In each of our feet is an important point called the solar plexus point which basically contains all your stress. When a foot massage presses on the solar plexus reflex, the stress stored in this little warehouse is released, alleviating anxiety and renewing the body.
  • Heightens energy level – Every foot spa should ideally be accompanied by a foot massage. Blockages found in tight muscles contain the energy that should be flowing throughout your body. Through a well-performed foot massage targeting pressure points (reflexology), the foot is rubbed such that the blockages are released and energy is brought back through the different parts of the body freely.
  • Balance in overall well-being – Balance is when all your body parts are working together in harmony to give you an overall healthy body and mind. When your reflexes are stimulated, you are brought to a state of relaxation and healing. When the whole body is relaxed, you don’t feel the anxiety, tension and other harmful effects of stress on the body. As such, the chances of getting diseases associated with stress are reduced.

What they didn’t tell you

  • It’s good for your sex life – Giving a foot spa to your partner can set a romantic mood for an evening. Aside from making your partner relaxed by applying pressure points combined with water and/or other pleasurable accessories like essential oils, soap, gel and bubbles, you send a message that you care for the person. This nurturing and loving act helps your partner to reach the state of sensual bliss. To further set the mood, you can a light music, dim the lights and add a few scented candles. It will serve as a perfect starting point for mild arousal and an easy transition to foreplay through pressing on powerful erogenous zones at the inner thighs and at the back of the knees.
  • Alleviates headaches and symptoms of PMS and menopause – Several studies online show that headaches are alleviated when the brain senses happy hormones. Happy hormones are usually brought about by heightened positive emotions, peak of exercise, sex, and reflexology treatments. There are some reports that patients suffering from headaches are noted to reduce the symptoms of migraine after several sessions of reflexology treatments per week. A foot spa coupled with reflexology treatments also address symptoms seen during PMS periods such as feelings of irritability, fatigue, mood swings, sadness and unhappiness. With regular foot spa, most of these symptoms can be drastically reduced.
  • Helps with plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and minimizing foot injuries – Some people suffer from plantar fasciitis which is the inflammation of the heel or the bottom of the feet, which occurs when one has very flat feet or very high arches. Some people address this by wearing shoes with an arch support or soft insoles. Others insert a sculpted orthotics tailored to the arch level of the foot.

A foot spa coupled with regular foot exercise can help to lessen the pain and complement the therapy to cure these conditions. Deep massages should just take into consideration by applying strong pressure on the arch.

If you just came back from an injury, on the other hand, you can speed up recovery by applying a combination of foot spas and a good massage. The foot and ankle stretching exercises can help release the pain and reduce muscle soreness. Also, by strengthening your feet and ankle, you are able to avoid untoward injuries.

As such, a foot spa brings a lot of wonderful benefits not only to the physical body but also to mental health. Whether or not you have time in your hands, you can still facilitate a foot spa session on yourself through DIY home foot spas or by getting a professional foot spa.

The good news is there are plenty of online resources that teach you a thing or two about how to go about giving yourself a foot spa at the comfort of your home. You can also invest in a foot spa machine which is quicker and more convenient, especially if you’re a busy and active individual.

Journey to your personal inner sanctuary and awaken your body physically and mentally through a nice good foot spa session. With just a 15 to 20-minute session a few times per week, you can reap the wonderful foot spa benefits to your mind and body without a lot of work.

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6 thoughts on “Top Foot Spa Benefits They Didn’t Tell You About”

  1. What I didn’t know prior to reading this article was the idea that the circulation of blood within that body might be impeded when the feet were under stress. Although, the problem is that I might never know when my feet are under stress. I can feel the poor circulation of blood within my body because I can feel myself lagging, but I am not sure if it was caused by my feet. Maybe I’ll try a relaxing foot spa and see if it will make a difference. Thank you!

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  3. Great tips to work on. I have no idea about the benefits it provides to entire body. I will definitely encourage others too to go for a relaxing foot spa.It is also so helpful in reducing the affect of anxiety,stress and depression.

  4. Yes! I can assure that there are great benefits you can attain having a foot spa. There are studies that tell our feet is connected over our body and when massaging our feet it can also ease the ache over our body.

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