What You Need to Know About Foot Ionizers

What You Need to Know About Foot Ionizers
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Technology combined with creativity has provided foot spa lovers a whole range of ways to make each foot spa session extra soothing and calming. One of these ways is by adding ionizing coils to remove toxins and other impurities from your body through the soles of your feet.

Several manufacturers offer ionic cleansing devices that release a frequency of positive and negative ions to stimulate your cells and rebalance your energy. The gentle vibration released from the foot ionizer supposedly aids in the release of the toxins through over 2,000 pores on each foot.

How does ionic cleansing work?

Ionic cleansing generally uses a foot bath apparatus which contain electrodes that deliver a low-level of electric current during the foot spa session. You place your feet in the foot bath with a bit of added salt and eventually the color turns into rust which should represent the toxins released through the feet.

The positive toxins from the body are pulled out of the body through the process of osmosis and become neutralized by the negative ions produced by the ionizer.

Some of the foot ionizers in the market will claim to produce varying colors depending on what has been detoxified. Some claim that when you see dark green particles in the foot bath, your gallbladder is being detoxified.

When you see yellow-green particles, your kidney, bladder, or urinary tract is being detoxified. White cheese-like particles show indication of yeast, while white foam is an indication of detoxification from the lymphatic system.

Benefits of ionic cleansing

People who undergo foot ionic cleansing have reported experiencing a sense of an improved overall well-being, enhanced focus and increased energy. Some with deteriorating joints or edema have also reported significant symptomatic relief from a few minutes of foot ionic cleansing.

While the foot ionic cleansing does not directly cure conditions, it aids in the healing process carried out by your immune system and should only be seen as a relaxing alternative therapy. Below are some of the benefits you can reap with every session of detoxification:

  • Removes body wastes/toxins that can cause health problems
  • Reduced fluid retention and inflammation
  • Increased oxygen levels
  • Improved sleep and relief from tension
  • Faster recovery time from illness
  • Assists in weight loss
  • Energizes whole body
  • Symptomatic relief from pain and headache

Ionic cleansing is not for everyone

Many people can benefit from the therapeutic and non-invasive treatment of ionic cleansing. However, people who are on medication for heartbeat regulation or those with any electrical implants or organ transplants cannot use this. Pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as those suffering from psychotic episodes, should also stay away from ionic cleansing.

Issues about foot ionizers

Several issues questioning the authenticity of foot ionizers were raised on the internet. Some describe foot ionizers as fraudulent and medically useless, and that actual detoxification can only occur in the liver. Others have also reported that there can be no evidence supporting that chemical substances can pass through the skin to the outside even with the help of a mild electric current.

Foot ionizers explained

Following every foot ionic treatment, the water in the foot bath gradually changes color. This is referred to the toxins drawn out through the thousands of pores of your feet. Since the foot bath with ionic coils include two electrodes where ions pass through, there is likely leaching of the metal during the process.

Basically, these colors depend on the pH of the solution and the amount of salts present in the bath. The normal rusty color comes from the corrosion of the metal electrodes and is usually made of iron, nickel, and copper, which when decomposed, changes into a different color.

Some of the relaxing bubbles you see are likely noted to be by-products of the electrolysis process. Another by-product, Sodium Hydroxide, may also influence the resulting color of the treatment.

While each foot detoxification treatment is appealing, each individual treatment can be expensive and can cost from a minimum level of $50. You can also check out ionic cleanser machines which can go for almost a thousand dollars.

Alternative methods to foot ionizers

If you are unsure about undergoing detoxification through a foot ionizer, you can check out the following alternatives:

  • Herbal foot bath – A foot bath is an effective way to reduce stress and fatigue, generally caused by poor blood circulation. To make a foot bath effective, you can pick out natural herbs in your kitchen or garden and experience the natural way of soothing your senses at the same time to prevent yourself from getting other illnesses. Any of the following would make a great additive to your foot bath: bamboo leaves, dried citrus fruits, green tea, boiled pine tree leaves, grated garlic or ginger, dried radish leaves or corn silk. In addition to revitalizing and rejuvenating your health, these herbal pieces do wonders for dry and oily skin, fatigue, rheumatism, common cold, arthritis and much more. With herbal foot baths, you can experience great relief without having to leave the comfort of your home.
  • Hot spring foot bath – This method originated from the Japanese mountain villages where groupsof sickly people and monks submerged their feet in the hot stream to relieve their fatigue. These people reported to feel healthier and more revitalized than ever before. This form of natural healing power spread around from one village to another, making people refer to this foot bath as a healing foot bath. Scientifically speaking, the source of this healing power comes from the different mineral contents found in the springs.
  • Reflexology – Practiced thousands of years ago in Egypt and China, the principle of foot reflexology stems from the theory that pressing the energy zones on the feet provides relief for the related organs and glands of the body.

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