Treat Sick Feet and Tired Feet with Foot Spa and Heat

Treat Sick Feet and Tired Feet with Foot Spa and Heat
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Left foot, left foot

Right foot, right.

Feet in the morning.

Feet at night.

Nobody knows what Dr. Seuss was thinking when he wrote The Foot Book, but if feet could think and talk, they would probably forever be grateful for having an entire book dedicated just for them. And just think how happy your feet would be if you paid enough attention to them and not take them for granted, as people are wont to do.

Slow feet, quick feet.

Trick feet, Sick feet.

Your feet bring you places. Day or night, no matter the weather, your feet are ever ready to do your bidding. As a consequence, your feet sweat, crack, itch, peel, smell and ache. Your feet may be tough, but just like every other part of your body, they need to be cared for and maintained. One of the best things you can do for your feet is to regularly treat them with a heated foot spa.

Heated Foot Spa: The Benefits

A heated foot spa does wonders to tired feet. It eases pain and softens and smoothens the skin. It also moisturizes and brings the feet back to their healthy state.

Why do you need a heated foot spa? Won’t regular tap water do? Soaking your feet in hot water brings many health benefits, the chief of which are the following:

Better blood circulation

Poor blood circulation in the feet and legs are quite common, because the blood in the lower extremities has to work against the pull of gravity in order to go back to the heart. This causes pain and discomfort in the feet and legs. If left untreated, poor circulation can cause serious conditions including hypertension, organ damage and even heart problems.

Heat causes dilation of blood vessels, which leads to the increase in blood flow, thereby promoting better blood circulation in the feet. As a result, blood pressure in the feet and legs decrease. The heat from the water is also therapeutic, relaxing and easing the foot muscles.

And because the central nervous system is focused on the heat the feet receive, you get relief from whatever pain and discomfort you have in your feet and legs.

Reduced pressure on the foot joints

Your feet has got to be the toughest and the most resilient parts of your body, as they carry your whole body weight. Therefore they receive a lot of stress, every single day.

Soaking your feet in water reduces the pressure and the strain exerted on them, since the water supports the joints. Heat further helps in releasing the stress in your feet joints, thereby relaxing and rejuvenating your tired feet.

More relaxed feet joints and muscles

Heated foot spa machines come in different shapes and sizes; they also vary in features. The best foot baths are those that come with controllable water jets, whose configurations you can control. Focused nozzles of hot water do a great job of soothing sore feet, relaxing and invigorating them.

You can get all these benefits and more through a good heated foot spa.

However, your feet need more than just the occasional spa; they need regular upkeep and maintenance. This is why it is recommended that you get yourself a foot spa machine or a footbath that will enable you to give yourself heated foot spas every time you need to treat your feet.

While basins, tubs or any other container that would accommodate your feet would do the job for less (more often than not even zero) cost, a foot spa machine with a heating feature will keep the water hot, so you could fully get all the benefits the heated spa brings.

Investing in a Foot Spa with Heat Feature

You get all sorts of cleansers and moisturizers for your face and body, knowing that these products will give your skin the pampering it deserves. In the same way, your feet deserve a lot of tender loving care too. So it would not be too much to spend and splurge a bit on an effective foot spa machine as a way of saying thank you for all the pressures, stresses and pains your feet bear for you.

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  1. It’s great that getting a foot spa will help with blood circulation! I just got done with a long trip where I was walking a lot and on a lot of planes. Needless to say, my feet could really use some love and a foot spa sounds perfect.

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