Soothing Pregnancy Aches with a Foot Spa

Soothing Pregnancy Aches with a Foot Spa
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Pregnancy is a wonderful time; there is no greater joy than knowing that you are carrying a life that you and your special someone has created. However, pregnancy can also bring aches and pains you never thought possible, the biggest and worst of which are backaches and foot pain.

Pregnancy does all sorts of weird things to your body, making your hormones fluctuate. As a result, you experience all these crazy changes, including swollen and painful feet.

Let’s face it, no matter how meticulous you are about your health and appearance from head to toe, there would come a time in your pregnancy when you neglect your feet. When your baby bump grows, you will not even be able to see your own feet.

This can result to ill feelings, which can be fueled even further by the erratic rollercoaster of emotions brought about by – you guessed it – those baby-induced hormones.

Is foot spa for the pregnant woman safe?

One of the best ways you can give yourself some much-needed indulging is visiting your favorite salon for a massage and a foot spa. While some people say that having a massage and a foot spa is a big no-no for pregnant women, you can actually go visit the spa for that highly-relaxing foot pampering session.

Now, more than ever, is the right time to get relief for your feet, which have probably swollen to some degree, due to uncontrollable weight gain (don’t worry, much of it is the baby’s) and water retention and are tired and sore from all the walking you are doing (especially if you still have to work and have not taken your maternity leave).

good foot spa does not just clean and soften the feet; it also relieves you of that worn feeling, so you feel rejuvenated and can take on another day. However, you must go only to a massage therapist trained especially for taking care of pregnant women.

This is because there are some acupressure points in the foot – especially the ankles and the area around it – that need to be avoided during massage, as stimulating these points can bring about contractions.

Putting pressure on these points is fine if you are being induced for labor, but not safe for you and the baby otherwise.

Going to a pregnancy-certified therapist will help you ease your worries, allowing you to fully enjoy the soothing comfort the massage brings.

A trained therapist will also know enough not to use essential oils in massaging your feet. While there are some types of oils that are generally safe for pregnant women, they should still be avoided so as to lessen any more chemical substances that enter the body.

What about pedicures and foot soaks? Are they safe?

Pedicures are fine – in fact, they would do wonders in bringing back some semblance of your old self, especially if you like primping your feet and toes. However, pedicures also include massages, so make sure you get pedicure services from someone trained to do so.

Light massages are generally okay, but never allow anyone to massage you hard on your feet, especially if they are not aware of which areas they need to avoid.

Foot soaks are an especially soothing form of pampering. The American Pregnancy Association states that a woman produces around 50% more blood and body fluids during pregnancy. These excess fluids are collected in the tissues and pool in the feet and the ankles.

Known as edema, this condition causes the feet to get inflamed and ache. One remedy for swollen, tired and painful pregnant feet is the foot soak, which does not just manage the swelling but also help alleviate the tension and the pain.

However, every mom-to-be like you must take good care in doing foot soaks. Make sure that you do not use bubbling jets and vibrating footbath basins, since you do not want to stimulate certain parts of your feet.

You should also be careful not to use hot water for your feet, as anything that elevates your body temperature can be risky for your unborn baby.

If you wish to use soaking salts, you can never go wrong with Epsom salts, which are made of compounds that promote muscle and nerve function while supporting the whole immune system

Are you pregnant? Then there is no better time to get the pampering that you deserve. Find a nearby spa with trained specialists who will take care of your feet and give you that much-needed relaxation.

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