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Best Foot Soak – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

If you want to relax and rejuvenate your feet, or treat any skin or fungus conditions, you don’t have to go to a foot spa anymore—you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

Foot soaks now allow you to get the care you normally would avail in a foot spa wherever you are, and at a fraction of the coast; all you’ll need is a basin or bath of water, and the foot soak or salts of your choice.

Not sure which brand to get?

Here are the top foot soaks you can buy online.

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Best Foot Soaks Reviews

1. Epsoak Epsom Salt Magnesium Sulfate

You can’t go wrong with a foot soak that’s designed to get the job done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Epsoak’s Epsom salt, comprised of magnesium sulfates, is of the highest pure quality, dissolves quickly, and is unscented so that you can have a great foot soak experience.

The salt is finer than most Epsom salts in the market, and looks and feels good to the touch as well. The great thing about Epsoak Epsom Salt is that it’s not just to be used as a foot soak—you can pour it in your bath as well, among other uses. Soaking yourself in this Epsom salt is useful for anyone with magnesium deficiency, and treats skin conditions satisfactorily too. Epsoak’s product size is also great if you need these foot soaks in bulk, but it may not be the most budget-friendly product out there.

2. Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes

Ancient Minerals’ Magnesium Bath Flakes is also made of the purest ingredients in some highly soluble magnesium chloride but is more potent than Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate). This product boasts of being harvested from the ancient and pristine Zechstein seabed in northwest Europe (hence the name). This brand of bath flakes is perfect for sensitive skin, and like the Epsoak Epsom salts, can be used in full baths as well.

The only downside of this brand is that for around $27.55 for only 8 lbs.; it’s much more expensive than the Epsoak Epsom salts at the same price for 19 lbs. However, the benefits of these bath flakes can’t be understated, as it can be much more than just a foot soak—it’s a full-body wellness treatment that may be worth investing in.

3. ASUTRA Pure Zechstein Magnesium Chloride Flakes

Like the above two products, ASUTRA’s Pure Zechstein Magnesium Chloride Flakes can also be used in a full bath, not just foot soaks. It also claims to be harvested in the Zechstein seabed and carries many of the same benefits of magnesium chloride baths, including addressing magnesium deficiency, relief for various conditions in the body, and many others.

For those who are interested in a magnesium salt bath but find the above brands a little too pricey, ASUTRA Pure Zechstein is a great introduction to magnesium salt at only $13.25 for a 2 lb. jar. It’s a little expensive for that size, but it’s a decently-sized sampler, at least, and is a good gateway to the world of foot soaks and salt baths.

4. Epsoak Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak With Epsom Salt

If you’re just looking for a pure foot soak, you can’t go wrong with Gold Mountain Tea Tree Oil that’s also infused with Epsom salt. This foot soak is perfect if you’re an athlete and you’ve got any fungus or bacteria on your feet, as it’s designed to fight growths off before they even start, as well as promote good foot health.

The downside with this is that for $14.97, you’ll only be getting a small jar. Granted, you won’t need too much of it if you only need a foot soak, but if you regularly use it, you may find yourself having to spend a lot for such a small size. Still, it’s been proven effective, so if you’ve got persistent foot problems, this brand is a worthwhile investment.

5. Purely Northwest Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak With Epsom Salt

Much like the Gold Mountain Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak, the Purely Northwest Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak is designed to clean your feet of fungus and bacteria. In fact, Purely Northwest claims it is the first to come up with the mixture of Epsom salts, sea salts, and the seven various oils to make this foot soak. It works wonders as well.

At around $13.16, it’s the most budget-friendly of the top choices here—but like with the Gold Mountain foot soak, it’s still a lot for a relatively small size. It’s perfect if you’re just looking for a foot soak and not a full bath salt.


So which should you choose? No matter what you choose, whether it’s some Ancient Minerals Bath Salts or Gold Mountain Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak, you know the investment is worthwhile because you’re investing in yourself. So what are you waiting for? Buy a pack or two, draw the bath, and relax. Trust us, your body will thank you.

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