How To Choose The Best Foot Bath

How To Choose The Best Foot Bath
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Today, busy schedules characterize our lives.  However, as it is important to strive hard, it is also critical to take care of your health.

Your feet are engaged all day. This means, by the close of the day, they will be tired. This is where the footbath comes in handy.  It is an inexpensive way of relaxing your feet at home.

Footbath massagers have different features. They also differ in quality.  Therefore, it is not challenging to find the best footbath, which matches your needs and budget.

Here is a set of important features you should consider:

Massage rollers

Those footbaths with a massaging element, can offer a soothing foot massage.

Some can come with more than two massage rollers. Therefore, if you are looking for a therapeutic footbath, you should consider if the footbath has massage rollers.

Cheaper models may lack this feature and in its place, they have a vibration massage method. It is important to know that the massage rollers are motorized in some models whereas in others you may need to run them manually.


Not all footbaths have a heating element.  However, for total relaxation, it is best to choose a heated footbath. With this, you can be assured of achieving maximum relaxation.

It is equally important to ensure that the heating unit, also has a temperature control element. This will help you to set the temperature of the heated water, to your liking.

Having an inbuilt heating element in the footbath could save energy in your home. Besides, it can reduce the waiting time, before you get into the footbath.

Water jets

While most people may not consider this feature necessary, it is a great addition to your footbath.  However, you should consider that not all water jets are designed equally. Some may be strong whereas others are moderate.

If you are looking for a footbath that can pressurize your reflex zone, you should look for one with water jets. The water jets might come in one or two.

Some models can have several water jets, but you should know that this feature would come with a high price tag.


This is one of the most important features when you are shopping for the best footbath.  It is critical that the footbath you select fits your size.

Most models allow up to size 12 for men. Nevertheless, a few others can allow up to size 16.  You certainly need adequate room for your feet.  S

till on the size, you need to make sure that the unit you are bringing in will fit in the space available at home. Ask yourself where you will be using the footbath and the amount of space, which you have.

Drain holes

Prior to buying the machine, make sure that it will be easy to drain it after use.

Some have an integrated drain valve, which makes it easy to empty the water after the spa treatment.  This might seem like an insignificant feature but you will find it beneficial.

Some cheap models do not have drainage. Instead, you have to empty the water manually. While selecting this feature, remember to consider having attachable wheels as well. This will make it easier to move the footbath around.

Soaps and salts

Most footbaths allow the uses of soaps, salts and oils.  This is great for alleviating soreness and removing stress.  However, a series of other models will clog up if you add oils and salts.

It is important for you to know if the footbath you are selecting can be used with salts and soaps.


Once you have considered all the features you need in your footbath, you have to consider the budget as well.

Mostly, footbaths come at varying price ranges.  With several models on the market, you can narrow down your search by sticking within your budget.

You can spend as much as you have. However, do not be so bent on the price that you forget to ensure quality and functionality.

Tips for buying a footbath

When you are out shopping for a footbath, a lot may be running in your mind. Based on the models on the market, you may feel confused about the features you need and the ones that you want.

First, to be on the safe side, it is best to shop online. It is convenient and easy.  Furthermore, there are various products online to choose from. Hence, there are high chances of getting a product of your choice.

You need to check on the recommended models online.  These products have been put through the test of time and their quality is proven.

However, even then you should only consider those products which are within your budget.

Secondly, you should care to read the customer reviews on the websites such as Amazon and EBay.  By reading various customer testimonials, you will be in a position to make the best decision.

Always look for products, which have many positive reviews. With that, you can be sure that the product is authentic.

In addition, you can consider the supplier of the foot spas. If they have been in business for some time and they have great reputation, you can trust them.  This will tell you about the quality of their products.

Be sure to ask yourself the above questions, in order to get the best footbath.

Footbaths are a cheap way of relaxing your feet.  They come with different features and accessories. They also have varying prices. This means that you need to be keen when you are selecting a footbath that suits you needs.

Some of the features common in various models include a heat function, massage rollers and drain holes. Some models use soaps and salts, while others do not.

In order to make the best choice, it is best to shop online. This exposes you to a wide range of choices and quality products.

As long as, you have money to spend, you will certainly find the best footbath, which is commensurate to your needs and budget.

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