Choosing the Ideal Foot Spa Chair for Your Salon

Choosing the Ideal Foot Spa Chair for Your Salon
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In this fast-paced world, people relish days when they can finally get off work and have some time for themselves. For many people – women especially – going to the spa is one of the most relaxing things to do.

And why not? When you go to the spa, you do nothing but sit comfortably and have someone pamper you.

Getting a foot spa and a pedicure is one of the most popular relaxing activities one can have. Therefore, spa owners must give their customers the most enjoyable foot spa experience by providing them only with the best and the most comfortable foot spa chairs.

What’s in a Chair?

If you are in the manicure-pedicure and foot spa business, one of the biggest investments you will have is the foot spa chair. Comfortable and safe foot spa chairs can spell the difference between getting many loyal customers and losing them all.

This is why buying a foot spa chair entails a lot of consideration – you do not just go into an appliance store and choose and buy a chair just because you like the way it looks, or because it matches the overall look and décor of your salon.

Of course, the chair’s appearance would also figure in your decision, but it should not be the top reason for buying a certain chair.

Here are the most important points you need to consider as you choose the foot spa salon that’s right for your business:

Safety and sanitation for the customer

Above all else, you will want to invest in pipeless chairs that might cause bad effects to your customers. Unlike old piped foot spa chairs that can store soap scum, dead skin and dirt and germs from previous customers, pipeless chairs are safe from contamination.

Having clean chairs will not just give you loyal customers; they will also give you peace of mind knowing that your customers are safe from infections.

Comfort and relaxation

Make sure to choose a chair that is not too hard or that sitting on it can cause pain and discomfort on the customer. However, neither must you choose a chair that is too soft, as it will have the same effect on the customer.

Select a chair that is firm and has a backrest that will allow the customer to relax. If it fits your budget, you can opt for a chair with a massaging feature. The customer can choose the settings of the massage with a remote, allowing them to get the back massage they want while you primp their feet.

Make and material

Look for material that is easily cleaned and maintained. While fabric chairs can be very comfortable, they can be prone to stains and are not very easy to clean. Leather is nice, but chairs made of authentic leather are expensive and can be difficult to maintain. You might want to have chairs coated with some type of soft vinyl, which can protect against spills from the footbath.

The attached foot bowl

Choose a chair with a foot bowl that is large enough to accommodate big sizes. Check for the depth of water it can accommodate and the shape of the bowl as well. You might want to go for a foot bowl that has its own flushing and draining system, which makes for hassle-free cleaning and easy disinfection.

Other features

Some chairs come with adjustable foot and arm rests, magazine holders, and even drink holders. There are also chairs that come with step stools that make climbing onto the chair a lot easier. Be sure to choose a chair that will maximize the customer’s experience. The more relaxed the customer is, the higher the likelihood that she will come back and even refer your salon to other people.


Foot spa chairs are not only for salon and spa use. You can even get one of these for home use. Yes, you can create your own spa at home! Instead of heading to the salon for some primping and pampering, you can have a whole night all to yourself, just relaxing on your foot spa chair. You can get a massage as you have a relaxing foot soak with a drink in hand while listening to some relaxing music.

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    Thank you so much for sharing and explaining everything. Choosing the best foot spa salon can be sometimes very confusing especially when there’s so many to choose from.

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