The Foot Spa: A Step-by-Step Procedure to Prettier, Healthier Feet

The Foot Spa A Step-by-Step Procedure to Prettier Healthier Feet
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Is there any other part of the body that is as taken for granted as the feet? Admit it: your feet do not get the kind of attention you give your face or your hands.

Some people reason out that they could always cover their feet with shoes, but is this all the thanks your feet will get, after bringing you to places and carrying your whole weight, day in and day out?

Taking care of your feet is not just about making them look good. It is about keeping them healthy.

After all, the state of your feet can affect your overall health. So start paying attention to your feet and your whole body will thank you for it.

Foot spa, anyone?

One of the many ways you can keep your feet healthy and happy is a foot spa. More than just beautifying the feet, a foot spa gives the following benefits:

  • Promotes blood circulation. A foot spa improves blood circulation, aside from energizing and relaxing the body.
  • Relieves stress. Soaking feet in warm water and massaging feet eases tension and the stresses of the day.
  • Eases arthritic pain. Just putting your feet up already results in some relief. Imagine how much more relief a foot spa can bring, especially to muscles and joints suffering from arthritis.
  • Reduces headaches. Many nerve joints are located on the underside of the feet. Massaging these points during a foot spa helps in treating headaches and migraines.
  • Helps detoxify the body. Soaking the feet, especially in a foot bath with Epsom salts, helps release toxic metals in the body while helping to absorb magnesium and sulphates which bring many benefits to your health.

Foot Spa: The Home Edition

Most people (especially men) do not want to have a foot spa because going to the spa can be pricey. Some others do not want their feet touched, maybe out of embarrassment due to odors and not-so-good foot conditions. These, however, are not enough reasons to turn your back on the foot spa and its amazing benefits, because you can make your own foot spa at home.

Before You Start

Before starting the procedure, you need to get your equipment ready first. These tools include:

  • Nail clipper, nail file, cuticle pusher and nipper, foot file (pumice stone or emery board)
  • Foot bath or any container big enough to submerge both feet in ankle-high water
  • Warm water
  • Foot wash
  • Epsom salts and essential oils of your choice
  • Foot scrub
  • Foot lotions or creams of your choice
  • Towels
  • Socks

What To Do

Now, the procedure:

  1. Prepare all your tools, making sure everything is within reach.
  1. Fill your footbath with water hot enough for you to tolerate, but not too hot that it will burn or scald your feet.
  1. Add Epsom salts, a few drops of your favorite essential oil and some foot wash (if desired). If you do not have a foot wash, body wash or shampoo will do. Stir, making sure that everything is well mixed.
  1. Soak your feet in the foot bath for 10-15 minutes. The solution will then remove the dirt and soften your toenails and feet.
  1. Remove your feet from the water and dry thoroughly.
  1. Remove nail polish (if you are wearing some) from your toenails and then trim your nails to the desired length and file them to get the shape you want.
  1. Using a foot file or a pumice stone, gently exfoliate your feet, concentrating on the heel and its sides.
  1. Apply a foot scrub and gently work it into your toes, the undersides of your feet, the heels and the ankles for added exfoliation. (If you do not have foot scrub, you can use a mixture of brown sugar and coconut or olive oil.) For some added pleasure, gently massage your feet, especially those aching parts.
  1. Rinse the scrub off your feet and pat your feet dry.
  1. Moisturize your feet with your preferred lotion or cream, working the lotion on your feet while massaging gently.
  1. Put on socks to seal the moisture in.


That wasn’t so hard, was it? Now that you know how to do your own foot spa, you won’t have any more excuses about neglecting your feet. By making and keeping your feet happy and healthy, you improve your overall health, too.

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