What is Epsom Salt? And What Can It Do for My Feet?

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I knew Epsom salt was something that you add to your bath water to remove toxins.

It is much more than that, but I did some research.

Epsom salts have many health benefits that can be used for many purposes. They are a great staple to keep in your home.

Let me tell you why.

What is Epsom salt?

Epsom salt, contrary to popular belief, is not salt. Epsom salt is a mineral compound that is made from magnesium and sulfate. It is named after a spring located in Surrey, England.

It is well-known for its natural pain relief, beauty rituals, household cleaning, and use in the garden.

Although Epsom salts might look similar to regular table salts, they are completely different.

What are the benefits of Magnesium & Sulfate for your body?

Medical studies have shown that both magnesium as well as sulfate can be easily absorbed through the skin. This is why Epsom salt baths have become so popular. What does magnesium and sulfate do for your body?


Because of its versatility and many chemical reactions in the body, Magnesium has been considered one of the most essential nutrients to human health. It maintains normal nerve and muscle function, lowers inflammation, promotes energy, and supports the health of your heart, blood vessels, and heart. It relieves sore muscles, congestion, constipation, soothes bruises and sprains, and even exfoliates skin.

Side effects of too much magnesium are rare as the body generally eliminates excess amounts on its own . Magnesium deficiency can cause fatigue, sleepiness, and irritability.


The Universal Health Institute published About Epsom salts (MgSO4*7H2O): "Sulfates have many functions in the body. They play a vital part in the formation and maintenance of brain tissue, joint protein, and mucin proteins along the intestinal walls. Sulfates are thought to stimulate the pancreas to produce digestive enzymes. They also help to detoxify the body from the residue of drugs and other environmental contaminants.

What are the health benefits of Epsom salt?

An Epsom salt bath has many health benefits. Below are a few.  

  • Sunburn relief  
  • Take out splinters  
  • Remove foot odor  
  • Relax your body and release stress  
  • Reduce muscle pain and cramps  
  • Get rid of constipation  
  • Eliminate toxic substances from your body  
  • Improve your heart and circulatory health  
  • Increase insulin absorption  
  • Increase nerve and muscle function  
  • Increase the absorption of nutrients  
  • Migraine headaches can be relieved  
  • Gout pain relief 

What uses is Epsom salt used for?

Epsom salt can be used in many ways, not just for your body, but also around your home. These are just a few uses for this amazing crystal:

  • Pedicures
  • Facials
  • Soak your whole body
  • Hair volumizer
  • Grout and clean floor tiles
  • Fertilize your lawn, plants
  • Blackheads can be rooted
  • Take out any hairspray and styling products that have accumulated.
  • Wash pots and pans
  • Remove detergent buildup
  • Deter slugs

How Can Epsom Salt Help My Feet?

Epsom salts can be used to relax and relieve muscle pain. It's nice to be able to relax after a hard day on your feet.

Not only are your feet sore after a long day but stress and overworking your muscles can strip magnesium from your body. Epsom Salts can be added to a foot bath to absorb magnesium. The salts are known to reduce inflammation and sore muscles. They leave your feet feeling more relaxed, pain-free, and relieve any discomfort.

Epsom salts can also soften and exfoliate your feet.

Foot odor can also be eliminated by Epsom salts. Epsom salts are both anti-fungal as well as anti-microbial. They kill bacteria and germs that cause foot odor. Epsom salts can be used in foot baths to relieve athlete's feet.

Epsom salts are a great option for minor cuts and wounds. Magnesium can speed up the healing of an open wound. It does not cause any burning or stinging sensation and instead soothes the pain.

How to make your own Epsom Salt Foot Bath

To make a foot soak, add about 1 cup Epsom Salt to a bathtub of warm water. The amounts may vary depending upon the brand you choose. Please refer to the instructions to find the correct amounts. To achieve complete relaxation, soak your feet in warm water for 12 minutes. To avoid cracked or dry feet, Epsom salt foot baths should be done only two to three times per week. For dry feet, you can use less salt and massage your feet with lotion after each bath.

Our guide will help you find the perfect home foot spa

Epsom salt foot baths are also known to aid in sleep, especially if done before bed. Warm water combined with the salts that reduce inflammation and pain can create a soothing sensation, which will allow you to fall asleep faster.

Where can I buy Epsom Salt?

Amazon is the best place to purchase Epsom salt. Find out our top foot soak reviews and comparisons here.





What is Epsom salt, you ask? Epsom salt is simply amazing. The versatility of Epsom salt makes it an excellent investment that should be kept on hand by everyone. It's easy to see why it is so popular when you consider the many health benefits.

Do your feet and yourself a favor. Soak immediately in Epsom salts. You will be happy you did.

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