Conair FB30R Foot Spa with Massage Bubbles and Heat

Conair Foot Spa with Massage Bubbles and Heat
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Your feet are one of the most important parts of your body. From the moment you get up from bed down to night time when you retire for that much-needed sleep, your feet are carrying your whole weight. Sadly, not everyone puts as much importance on their feet as they do to the other parts of their body.

Your feet get dirty, sweaty and hurt all the time but you do not worry too much because your feet are tough; they can take it.

But your feet can only take so much. They get tired and stressed, too, which is why you should start paying attention to them. One of the best ways of relieving your feet from the aches and pains of the day is by getting a foot spa.

If you are on a budget, then just soaking your feet in hot water will do.

While you can have your DIY soak using a basin or tub that’s big enough for your feet, you might want to try an affordable bubbling foot spa like the Conair Foot Spa with Bubbles and Heat.


  • This Conair foot spa unit does not come with a heating apparatus, so it does not heat water. However, it can maintain the heat of the water you pour into it for ten to fifteen minutes – just the amount of time needed to give your feet a good soak.
  • This appliance is large enough to comfortably accommodate men’s size 14 feet.
  • This unit comes with a spot massage function feature that helps in massaging sore parts of your feet. It has three massage nodes: the single large node, the double large node and the pinpoint node.
  • The Conair foot spa also has leg rest feature and comes with pedicure accessories like nail clippers, a pumice stone and toe separators (for putting on nail polish).
  • Unlike other footbaths that have shorter power cords, this Conair footbath comes with a 6-foot power cord and a cord wrap that allows for easy wrapping of the cord.


  • The footbath comes with visible fill line that guides you regarding the amount of hot water you need to put in the basin, ensuring that there will be no spills.
  • Light and compact, the unit is very easy to clean and to store when not in use.
  • The massage node attachments, when placed in the provided receptacle in front, can provide an enjoyable massage.
  • The machine does its fair share of bubbling and vibrating, which is great for a relaxing foot soak.
  • Doctor-recommended for minor foot aches and pains, the appliance is very helpful in improving blood circulation and relieving the feet from the stresses of everyday living.


  • Many users complain about the heating and heat-maintaining capabilities of the unit; what they must understand is that this footbath does not have a water heater, so it really cannot heat water up. What you need to do is to put water that is tolerably hot and start your soak. By the time the water has cooled (around 10-15 minutes or so), you will be finished with your soak.
  • The unit does not have accommodations for foot soak salts. Be careful not to add salts into your soak as the particles may clog up the bubbling and jet holes in the unit.
  • Some units might be considered flukes, as they spew water instead of bubbling, therefore wetting the floor and the furniture around the foot basin.
  • The machine may be too noisy for comfort, especially when it is put in bubbling and vibrating mode.
  • The bubbles tend to stop when you put your feet over them, which somehow defeats the idea of having bubbles for your foot spa.


After going through the pros and cons, what would your decision be? Should you buy this $54.50 worth footbath or not? For something in this price bracket, we say that the Conair Foot Spa with Massage Bubbles and Heat is a good deal.

It delivers exactly what it advertises (maybe except for the “Heat” part – which consumers tend to misunderstand as heating element and water heater), which is a foot basin that retains heat (until around 15 minutes at the most), and has a vibrating massage and bubbling feature.


If you have a little more money to spare and want a heating feature for your foot spa machine, you can get the Kendal SI-FB10 for $59.99. This unit boasts of speed heating, vibration massage and bubble massage, plus a self-draining feature that allows for easier drainage and cleaning.

You might also want to consider the ESORA foot spa, $62.99. This unit has the same features as the MS0809M, with additional LED display, thermostat and herbal diffuser.




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