All In One Foot Spa Bath

All In One Foot Spa Bath
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The All In One Foot Spa Bath with heat, HF vibrations, oxygen bubbles and red light is a foot spa that combines the benefits of vibrations, heat, bubbles and red light in relaxing the feet.

The foot spa, which can heat water and maintain constant temperature also has massage rollers. It is made of durable plastic that is resistant to aging and high temperatures.

The foot spa is white in color with pink accents. With it, you find all the feet relaxing methods in one place.


  • It has a heating semiconductor, which ensures speed heating and maintains constant temperature.
  • It produces high frequency vibration.
  • Two massage rollers for massaging the foot bones to eliminate fatigue.
  • It produces oxygen bubbles for massaging the feet.
  • Large enough for accommodating large feet up to size 14.


  • This foot spa provides a one stop for different feet massaging methods. It has oxygen bubbles, vibration, massage rollers and heating, all meant to relieve the feet from aches and tiredness.
  • The spa promotes the good health of the feet by improving metabolism, promoting blood circulation, relieving fatigue and smoothening the meridians or Qi system.
  • It features rollers that help in eliminating fatigue when they are rolled on the foot bones.
  • It has a PTC heating semiconductor, which heats the water fast and maintains constant temperature. This ensures that the water is at the right temperature to provide the needed relief while protecting against overheating using the double overheating protection.
  • The body of the foot spa is created of durable plastic that resists high temperature as well as aging. This ensures that the spa lasts long without succumbing to damage caused by high temperatures or aging.
  • It is large enough to fit even those with large feet and it can be used by people with a foot size of up to 14.
  • For those who do not like the massage rollers, they are easy to remove. You can pop them out when you are soaking your feet and return them when you are done.


  • Some users have noted that the water in the foot spa tends to get very hot after a while. However, this can be remedied by turning the heater off and after the water cools down a bit then turn it on again.
  • It does not do well with bubbling agents because the foam can be too much and overflow.


The All In One Foot Spa Bath with heat, HF vibrations, oxygen bubbles and red light provides the much need feet relaxation by using various feet massaging methods, all in one place.

It combines the benefits of heat, oxygen bubbles, vibrations and rollers in relieving the feet from tiredness. People with large feet up to size 14 can use the foot spa.

As a relief to many, it heats the water and keeps it hot. The only thing you need to note is to turn the heater off after a while so that the water does not overheat especially if you have no feeling in the feet.

The foot spa has jet holes, massage wheels, massage beads and a control knob. Considering the many features and benefits, the foot spa is money well spent. The feet benefit from the massage from the massage rollers, massage beads, hot water, vibrations, oxygen bubbles and red light.


Despite the All in One Foot Spa Bath with heat, HF vibrations, oxygen bubbles and red light being a good product, it is important to compare it with other foot spas in the market to ensure you are making an informed decision.

Two other foot spas are the Homedics FB 50 Foot Spa and the Binxin Motorized Rolling Massage.

1. Homedics FB 50-Foot Spa

The Homedics FB 50-Foot Spa uses bubbles and heat to relax the feet. The massage bubbles rejuvenate and relax the feet.

It also features raised nodes that massage the feet, heat maintenance technology for keeping the water hot for longer and acupressure attachments.

It’s a good bargain for the listed price. It would be a good alternative if you are on a budget and you want a foot spa that can give your feet massage using bubbles and hot water.

However, do not expect it to give you the same kind of massage you would get from the All in one-foot spa.

2. Binxin All in One Foot Spa

Another related product is the Binxin Motorized rolling massage. If you are looking for more features, then this is it.

The foot spa has a deep tank and it features motorized rollers, waterfall, water wave, air nozzles for creating bubbles, point massage nodes, and control for digital temperature and timer.

It also comes with a remote control and an LED display. The deep tank ensures that the foot spa works even on the calves and not just the feet.

The waterfall feature massages the foot by simulating surfing effects and the temperature is adjustable which prevents occurrences of overheating.

It also has self-drainage, which makes emptying easy. Despite the many impressive features, the foot spa is more than double the price of the All in one-foot spa bath.


The Kendal All In One Foot Spa Bath turns out to be the best foot spa in this review.

Not only is it well designed and made using durable material, it also ensures that your feet are relaxed. This is based on its many features that include oxygen bubbles, vibration capabilities, massage rollers, massage beads, red light massage and heat massage.

It is also large enough to fit those with large feet. While it may not have motorized motors, waterfalls and adjustable temperature, it has enough features to relax your tired feet.

It may not be as cheap as the Homedics FB 50 Foot Spa, but it has better features. You can get these features and relax your feet without putting much strain on your wallet.

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